The Importance of Exercise In the Healing Process

Exercise is an important part of treatment, recovery, and prophylactics of spine and any joint pain. There is several reasons to do exercises. The first and most important reason for regular exercise – to look and feel better. Another important motivation to exercise: the stretching and strengthening of joints and the spine, preventing heart disease, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, diabetes, improving sleep and mood, building up self-esteem, decreasing level of tension from stress, and gaining body endurance.

There are many different approaches and methods for exercise. I divide exercise into two main approaches: one is working with weights to build up muscle, and the second way is by stretching the joints and spine. With long personal experience I definitely prefer stretching exercise.

Yoga is well known, one of the most old and wide known stretching exercise techniques. It is very effective and in my opinion a dangerous practice if performed without a good teacher. I've seen a number people who've hurt themselves during yoga practice. I am not against yoga. It just needs to be done under supervision of a trained professional.

My personal favorite exercise include Pilates, tai chi, and the Five Tibetan Rites. The common base between all these exercise techniques is stretching muscles and ligaments, strengthening the abdomen and spine muscles, improving the flexibility joints and vertebra, and correcting body posture. Abnormal body posture is the leading reason for back and neck problem in white collar worker. Performing one of this exercise technique will improve body awareness - how to correctly sits or stands.

The main benefit from exercise is developing long and strong muscle. Weight lifting or working out on most machines at the gym builds up short, strong, and bulky muscle. As result of short and bulky muscle range of motion in joints became limited. Also very often developed disbalance between flexor and extensor muscle which eventually cause body damage and pain.

I constantly see patients with well built front muscles and weak mid-back muscles. This people's neck and shoulders protrude forward. They have a tendency to developed neck or shoulder dysfunction. Weight lifting causes disc herniation and lower back pain.

Recent medical study shows that people past their forties will benefit more from muscle stretching exercises. The stretching exercise have all the benefits of what I mention in the first paragraph. Additionally, to these benefits it also gives correct posture, improves flexibility, and prevents injuries.

Of course twice or three times a week don’t forget cardio exercise to strengthen your heart.

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